Friday April 28th is going to be fire! Go skate during the day then roll through for Beers, Cheers, and Premieres! A short film of of the Timebomb team in Morocco.

All Canadian dates announced!!!

Fortune Sound Club Vancouver
147 E Pender St
Date : April 28th
Doors: 10pm
Start: 10:30PM
Sk8 Skates Compulsive Behaviour Premeire
King Skateboard Magazine 9.1 Release Party
Photo Show by Sam Fidlin and Will Jivcoff
Stand Up Comedy with Tyler Holm
FREE entry if you e-mail 'your full name and TIMEBOMB' to guest@fortunesoundclub.com (valid till 10pm)

TRH-BAR Quebec City
100 St Joseph est
Date : April 28th
Time: 11PM

TRH-BAR Montreal
3699 St Laurent
Date : April 28th
Time: 11PM

Timebomb in Morocco Tour Video Premiere
Dillon Robert Moore
Gabriel Galipeau
Griffin Kirby
Zach Noftall
Mitch Barrette
Alexis Lacroix

Sposnored by Emerica, Altamont, Stance, Sk8 Skates, Cariboo, King Skate Mag and Timebomb Trading

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