Instance Socks X Rihanna

holding-rihanna-stance-collaboration“At this point, it’s become clear that when it comes to Rihanna, you can never quite know what you’re going to get. Will it be a nineties-era R&B chick, all low-slung jeans and body chains? A prep throwback in a shirtdress and sneakers? A full-on red-carpet sweeping glamazon, or Josephine Baker–style coquette? Perhaps most importantly, is she going to tie you up in the backseat of her brand-new foreign car? (Don’t act like you forgot.)

That, according to Candy Harris, the vice president of the women’s division of Stance Socks, might be the key to her enduring appeal. “She’s one of the few women in fashion whose style can go from street to couture in the blink of an eye,” says Harris, and today Stance is unveiling Rihanna as its latest “Punk and Poet”.
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