Altamont x Boneface

AltaComing off the heels of creating the poster and album art for Mad Max: Fury Road, a music video for The Queens of the Stone age song, “…Like Clockwork” and album art; Altamont is proud to add three original Boneface designed tee’s to their collection!

Etnies: Jameson SC Reviewed (Caught in The Crossfire)

etnies_jameson_sc_black-630x280“Knowing that SoleTech have spent more hours since 1986 prepping these materials than you’ve probably spent skating streets, the flame could not have been passed to a better team to give the ‘athletes’ a run for their money In the Jameson SC, that flame should hopefully torch some sense into those who think that funding sports brands and allowing money to leave the skate scene is acceptable.”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this great review of the Etnies Jameson SC from Zac at Caught in the Crossfire


Street skateboarding will always be a struggle. As long as we’re street skating we’ll be getting harassed by hero citizens, security, cops, dogs, weather, the list goes on. Some of the best spots you can’t even get 5 minutes in. Peace Park in Montreal is a good example. Legendary skate spot, but once the cops showed up, everyone would clear out. It’s funny they would kick skaters out but not acknowledge the junkies shooting up, like we’re the problem…

Recently the city of Montreal in QC, Canada has legalized skateboarding at Peace Park! To celebrate this achievement in Canadian skateboarding, on August 11th KAYO is taking the iconic spot over for one day and hosting a BBQ skate jam. Crash prizes, lots of giveaways, food, music. BYOB (bring your own board…) starts at 6PM.