Though the odors may be pungent and the street meat might be visually unpleasant, there are gems to be had in the alleyway marketplaces of China. Concrete cover-bro, Cory Wilson, along with Matt Berger, Derek Swaim, Stacy Gabriel and Drew Summersides from etnies Canada even stayed in an alley hotel. When the fellas weren’t buying pet turtles and “safe” Muslim fried rice in back lanes, they where slaying sweet spots for this 14-page headline feature. Concrete Issue 131: Coming Soon!
Concrete Issue 131

ThirtyTwo Hood Rats 2014 Collection

Summer doesn’t necessarily mean that snowboarding is done til Winter 2014/2015 – just ask everyone down at Palmer Glacier at Mount Hood. ThirtyTwo Team Riders Scotty Stevens, Chris Grenier, JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Brandon Hobush, Spencer Schubert and Jordan Small have all put in time up at Mt. Hood. Some were diggers, others guest coached and all of these guys ride the glacier every summer. Check out the video HERE!