ES: Official Game of Skate At KNOWSHOW (Vancouver, B.C)

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A big thank you to everyone who came out for Knowshow to watch and skate in the éS Skateboarding Official Game of Skate.

Congrats to our finalists Oki, Steven Burke, Ryan Spate, Layne Caplette, Dillion Moore, Mikey Ray and Stacy Gabriel and our Winner Mad Greek

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INSTANCE: Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture


Cuba’s skate scene has no funding, very few resources and not much to speak of in terms of a skate park. But despite those obstacles the scene is still growing, thanks in part to organizations like Cuba Skate and the kids that want to see it furthered. We travelled with Ishod Wair, Lucien Clarke, Andrew Reynolds and special guest photographer Arto Saari to see the best skate spots that the country has to offer and take note of a vibrant underground skate scene on the verge of change.

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LRG: New Pieces From Sirvis


LRG Advocate Sirvis has been steady grinding on painting murals in different cities and next month he will be taking part in the 5 day graffiti festival, Under Pressure out in Montreal so if your in the area be sure to check him out.

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ES: Know Show Original Game of Skate

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éS Skateboarding, Timebomb Trading, KING SHT Skateboard Magazine & Knowshow present The Original eS Game of Skate.

A 3 day event taking place during KNOWSHOW at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Hall A.

1st round July 20th 430 – 6PM
Finals July 21st 430 – 6PM
Industry Battle July 22nd 12 – 2PM

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ALTAMONT: Texas is the Reason On Thrasher


Most skate trips these days entail luxury accommodations in clean hotels and flights for all the riders, but for the new Altamont boys they had to work with what they could get. It was a very last-minute trip but there were some creative minds that managed things over there and they were able to pull some shit together and make an awesome, unforgettable skate trip happen.

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