June 26, 2020 1 min read

Canadian Skateboarding - A Visual History 
Canada Skateboard is proud to present a country-wide collaborative effort showcasing 5 decades of skateboarding in the form of a coffee table picture book. "Canadian Skateboard - A Visual History" showcases 320 pages of Canadians skating as far west as the Jordan River, BC to a far east as the shores of Newfoundland.

40 photographers from over the years submitted large format pictures to this 100% volunteer led effort and over 150 Canadian skateboarders are celebrated on the pages. This project was part of the Canada Skateboard non-profit that is dedicated to the growth and promotion of skateboarding in Canada.

All proceeds from the project will go directly toward Canada Skateboard's initiatives. Lots of Timebomb legends in this book too

To purchase copies of the book go to canadaskateboard.ca/shop. Price included tax and shipping.