March 01, 2021 1 min read

Welcome to Sunday Service! Although we usually enjoy to congregate in a group of believers, this year the higher power has made that difficult. But with the power of the technology the aliens, I mean God, have provided us allows us to pray digitally Nation wide!

Thus Hail the Rail: Sunday Service 

The Program:

Head to your nearest place of worship (your local resort, Mountain, street spot or backyard) with a fellow believer and film yourselves on the below categories. Whoever performs the best maneuver will be honoured forever in the eyes of your respective lord.


BEST DOWNRAIL TRICK- best trick on any down rail, tube or box. $300 cash & prizes from @thirtytwo @dragonalliance @stancesocks

BEST OTHER RAIL TRICK-  kinks, c and s rail, waterfall, any type of jib feature is a go! $300 cash & prizes from @thirtytwo @dragonalliance @stancesocks

BEST TRICK ON A SNOW FEATURE- jumps , quarters, hips.$300 cash & prizes from @thirtytwo @dragonalliance @stancesocks

To enter: Post to your Instagram story or feed & tag @thirtytwo @stancesocks @timebombtrading @dragonalliance and use the hashtag #htrsundayservice. Enter as many times as you choose and the winner will be chosen by a respected group of monks, priests and warlocks!

The contest will run from (whatever Sunday) to the following Sunday a month later! Let us Pray!

Visuals by @alitbruce