July 29, 2020 2 min read

With the summer heat finally hitting Vancouver we decided there was no better time to highlight our favourite looks from OBEY's Summer 2020 Collection. 

To do so we brought out some prime Canadian talent to rock the clothing. Take a look into each of their stories below!


Ultimate unison wouldn’t have been brought together without Cheyenne who both styled this shoot and modeled. As a dual citizen between Canada and the States, she travels often to fulfill her styling opportunities. After deciding that being a designer wasn’t her true passion, she fell into this creative journey. She began down the stylist path in 2015 while working with Fifa World Cup, Adidas, Michael Bubble and more. In 2016 she branched out on her own to focus on creatives such as musicians, actors and artists. She draws inspiration from River Phoenix and Winona Ryder for careless but put together looks for any situation.



Originally from Chiliwack, British Columbia, our very own Boslen came into the music scene full force after an ACL injury. Last year, he moved onto his manager’s couch and met his artistic team at Chaos Club Digital  who have been developing his sound ever since. He’s been spending the past six months everyday in the studio with his Creative Director Natasha and his Executive Producer Ozcan to prepare for his upcoming album. His inspiration comes from studying music legends and pulling creativity from fashion, art and videographic processes. His passion is fueled by his families. His blood family and his Chaos family, the people who build up and mesh his art into the artist he is all the way. 


Toronto, Canada’s Sofia moved to British Columbia for a change of scenery and fell into the creative scene after leaving her 9-5. Stepping into a production assistant role opened her up to the world of opportunity that Vancouver has to offer. Being able to work and collaborate on other projects propelled her to be influenced by the opportunity around her. Being able to channel alter egos into modeling and acting is what propels her beyond her comfort zone and be the person she is today. Her next step is exploring her creativity even further by building mood boards and trying to tap even more into her potential.

 Our Favourite Looks