June 08, 2022 1 min read

Today, Rumpl, the category leader in premium, technical blankets, announces its partnership as a new vendor partner with the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, the national organization working together for the health and growth of independent specialty outdoor retail. Each year Grassroots Outdoor Alliance vets and offers vendor partnerships to a select number of outdoor manufacturers.

“The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is the perfect community of retailers who define and reach the core outdoor consumer,” says Nate Clark, national sales manager at Rumpl. “At Rumpl, we view the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as one of the most important retail networks to reach our core customer. We cannot wait to invest more time and resources into this partnership and are excited to work with their members to offer an aggressive sales program that is exclusively available for Grassroots Outdoor Alliance retailers.”

Becoming an official vendor partner enables Rumpl to formalize its communication channels with specialty retailers and get in front of the remainder of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance membership. As a new vendor partner, Rumpl hopes to better understand the challenges Grassroots Outdoor Alliance retailers face in their stores and how Rumpl can best serve them.

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