January 05, 2022 1 min read

"While the planet is in the middle of a global pandemic, a couple of friends find themselves grounded on home soil with the strange opportunity to roam the empty streets of Quebec; home of the Poutine and one of the most iconic street scenes in the world. With all the restrictions to have a normal season, when it’s too complicated to travel, what better time to benefit from your own backyard?" WHAT IS “STATUS” "Status is a snowboarding short film made during the pandemic as a follow up of Short Notice. The idea behind the name is: This is the status of the situation and how we deal with the chaos it created. Our focus this time around will be: creativity meets big spots! With the crew we have, it’s a sure shot to show originality and next level snowboarding. " RIDERS: Gab Jacques Gab Gosselin Max Parrot Eli Bouchard Sponsors: Empire Dragon Stance

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