April 12, 2022 1 min read

Consider me the Goldilocks of flying. If I wear too many bulky layers and board an airplane that’s been sitting in the sun without the AC on, I overheat faster than egg salad on a summer day. But once that AC starts cranking at 30,000 feet, I’m a cold, shivering mess. However, in all my struggles to find my “just right” airplane temperature, you’ll never catch me using one of those thin, sandpapery travel blankets airlines pass out on long-haul flights. For years, I relied on an oversize scarf to ward off chills on red-eyes. But even the softest cashmere wasn’t enough for those arctic airplane breezes. 

When I realized Oregon-based Rumpl had scaled down its puffy “sleeping bag” blanket designed for camping to a travel-friendly size, I was excited to put it to the test. Having flown with the Rumpl NanoLoft Travel Blanket at least four times since I acquired it last summer, I’ll continue to pack it in my personal item on future flights. Here’s why I think you should BYOB—bring your own blanket—too.

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