September 25, 2023 1 min read

While the partnership with Rumpl is still relatively fresh, it's a relationship we truly appreciate at Timebomb. The people, the culture, the innovative products and design. They're all aspects of Rumpl that we love and we're honoured to be collaborating with them on this special 30 year anniversary blanket. 

We chose the "Deck Stripes" graphic because of the visual aesthetic but we also love how it reminds us of the layers of a skateboard deck. It's a nod to Timebomb's history in skateboarding and street culture. The colours of the stripes all tie back to our colour bars that you find throughout our office and our company branding. The OG Puffy was a natural choice for style of blanket as it's the perfect companion for a hike, for the home, or for chilling in the grass sipping a beer near the skatepark. 

See how this blanket can go from the mountains to the streets through the images and the launch video done by Tyler Holm featuring Mitch Barrette below.

Available for purchase now HERE.

Photo Credits: Nick Nicholson (@nnolte)